I’m a 60 Year-Old Millennial

What’s all the fuss about these millennials? I’ve spent a lot of time with this cohort over the last few years as they have entered the workforce. I’ve dedicated myself to researching what makes them different from other generations – here’s what I learned.

Millennials feel they are entitled. That is, they expect to get ahead at work after a short time. So what’s really wrong with that? Why not go for the stars? If you happen to fail every now and then, that’s okay. Many of them have started their own very successful businesses. Millennials sometimes get the ‘lazy’ term tagged on to them. I don’t have statistics but I have two very hardworking millennial kids and I know as many lazy baby boomers as I do millennials.

They are both empowered and imprisoned by social media. They view the world through a Facebook, Instagram, etc. lens and see how wonderful life is for everyone else and expect it should be that way for them. I am similarly afflicted. I have the good sense to turn it off and leave it in the kitchen when I go to bed but otherwise we are close, my iPhone and I. ‘We millennials’ all know that no one has a perfect life.

They expect more feedback than prior generations yet they may not ask for it. I wish people had given me more feedback when I was younger. I still like it now. I need to know how I am doing if I want to keep growing and improving.

They want more flexible work and they want to know that the work they are doing is important and that they are having an impact. By now, you may be coming to the same conclusion as I did. How smart. With all of the problems in this world, shouldn’t we all be doing something meaningful?

They care more about the environment than previous generations. When one of my clients banned plastic straws I was even more proud to be associated with them.

When it comes to music and fashion I may be behind the times but we are a diverse group, we millennials and it’s okay that some of us like Bruce Springsteen.

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