CDD Business Solutions works with companies who believe that a strong, balanced team leads to the Enterprise’s Success. We work with organizations at the Selection stage, ensuring we identify the right person for the specific role and ensuring a fit with the corporate culture. We utilize a proven assessment tool to support this important step.

Further support is also available for Onboarding that creates the most positive and impactful first impression on the new hire. We place a special emphasis on defining the company’s culture and preparing the employee for their first 90 days.

Ongoing individual and team coaching to ensure that productive individuals stay with the company and drive business success is a key part of our consulting practice.

With over 20 years in Senior Executive Roles, Corey Dalton has built a career on the foundation of his passion to help people grow and achieve their goals.

Our Mission

We unleash the potential in individuals and teams. We identify and remove the impediments to achieving greatness for people and companies.

How your business will benefit

Working together with our clients, we set measurable goals and achieve them. We believe that a talented, engaged team produces results that benefit the company and the individual.